So the call to arms has started, or so it seems. I see and hear so many people calling others to pick up arms and start the “good fight”. The question is: Is this a legitimate call to arms or not?  A rather more troublesome question is: Who is the enemy and how do you identify him?  With the Muslim invasion of Europe, and it is an invasion no matter how you look at it, people are starting to get really uneasy. Without a doubt  the Muslims must be the enemy. But maybe there is more to it than we think. You must be blind, death and dumb not to pickup that something really bad is happening. Somehow it seems that everyone wants to go west. The interesting part however is, it seems that the people of the west, really want to go east. Exploring eastern culture and to a great extent it seems, trying to find eastern wifes or husbands. We need to remember one thing, mixed blood is not a good thing, it destroys identity.

We assimilate eastern culture really quickly, looking at things like martial arts for example, or yoga or whatever other tantric thing there is to try out. It also seems as if, those coming west bring there culture along, but don’t really want to be assimilated into western culture. A Hindu stays a Hindu and a Bhudhist stays a Bhudhist and so it is with Islam too. An interesting observation to make is that it is outright dangerous to go to a Muslim country if you are a christian, but we need to accomodate them in our countries. Amazing to see the double standards.

What really bothers me is the idea of what  christianity really is. We are told that the Roman Catholic church is christian, but that is very far from the truth. Looking at their doctrines, one have to conclude that they are not christian at all. Having said that, I do believe that there are a lot of people in the Roman Catholic church that are greatly deceived . They are not bad, but they are ill informed and can therefore be easily controlled by their clergy. But the problem for the west is cutting much deeper than that because of the so-called Protestant churches. Again, there is a lot of people that are blindly lead by their pastors without a thought of studying the bible and getting to know the word of God for themselves. So we have ill informed Roman Catholics and ill informed Protestants. These people can easily be controlled, because they have faith in their church leaders.On both sided we have very bad people, call them wolves if you want, that are absolutely destroying real faith by what they are saying and doing.

We also need to understand that religion is our way of reaching out to God. That is why we will always see great fanfare in religious ceremonies. There is always a lot of hype going on. Religion is man’s way of reaching out to God. The problem is: You won’t find God in religion.  Yes, you will find great feelings, but that is about it. Make no mistake, there are good pastors, great evangelists and preachers, people that are strong in faith. Not all are bad, but unfortunately, most of them are bad and it is very painful to admit it. To a great extent, christianity today is pretty much worthless when it really comes down to faith. This is all about feeling good, give so that one can receive more back. It is self centered and egotistical. People wrote books upon books to make money in this system.

What really ticks me off about this system is the names that they use. They call it the mother church, or the sister churches. How did they figure that one out when the bible tells us in no uncertain terms that the church is suppose the be the body of Christ? What sort of Christ is this then with a female body? How can the church be the body of Christ if it is feminine? The last time I checked, Jesus was still a male. The bride of Christ is his people, in other words the house of Jacob/Israel. Apprently we cannot distinguish anymore between the two, thus everyone is confused  and that confusion is used to misled people even more. Due to this, christianity has become a stale toothless religion with no heart and soul in it. So you don’t agree with me, that is also okay, but when you first start to experience the power of faith in Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, you will also know what I am talking about. Mainstream religion is just a social institution.

Faith in God on the other hand is something entirely different. Faith is what God gives you. Faith is God reaching out to his people. Remember what happened in the garden of Eden after sin. God called unto Adam: Adam where are you? There is nothing you can do to “get to God” other than to believe in the Christ, and only the Christ for that matter. Faith is not centered around us getting to heaven, but it is centered around God. It is not about going to planet heaven like it has been teached for ages. It is about honouring God and believe in Him. So in the end you have to choose: You can either do religion, or you can wax strong in faith, it is up to you, but make no mistake, it is always about the honour of God, about His plan and about His purpose.

So why do I say all these things? Playing religion will render you useless for the kingdom of God, it is really that simple. Being part of something means that you have to commit yourself to that thing entirely. Simply put, if you do not practice your faith pretty soon you won’t have any faith left to work with. That is basically what Jesus meant when He was talking about the parable of the talents.The west has fallen because of this. In general we were more serious about upholding this great social institution called the church, than in having faith in God and doing what is right. Humanism is the greatest threat to our Christian Faith that the world has ever seen. It will destroy the true christian faith and it has already succeeded to a great extent in doing just that.

So everyone is wondering why some people makes a call to arms and nobody pitches up. The simple answer is this humanistic religion that we have created that has absolutely nothing to do with the God of the bible.It lulls everyone to sleep and provided a false sense of security. With preachers and pastors trying their utmost best to pasify the sheep in their flocks. Remember you cannot judge. While that is true, one cannot over emphasize one concept. With the law of God written on our hearts and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to distinguish right from wrong and we are suppose to act upon our believes, else it means nothing at all.  

You want bravery, you first need faith and you cannot have faith by playing religion in a social institution. It just won’t happen.I know that most of you reading this will immediately say: But I do have faith and you probably do. Most of us do have a general faith, that is not what I am talking about, the faith that I am talking about is much more than that. I am talking about the faith that healeth the sick and that cast out demons. This is the faith of God.

We are always running around, asking: “What can I do for God?” That however is the wrong question to ask. It is not what I want to do that is important.  We all run into this problem more often than not.  We need to stand still so that God can talk to us. Then we will realise that the  correct question to ask is: “What do God want me to do?”  I sincerily believe that it is very important to do charity work, to look after the elderly, to preach the gospel and in general to do good unto others. But there is much more to this faith of ours than just that.

The first thing you must do as a young Christian is to ask God to teach you. Do not rely on any man to teach you, because the heart of man is wicked. Do not trust your everlasting soul to any man, only to God. There are great teachers, but remember one thing, you are responsible, so you need to go and find out if someone is telling you the truth and the only way to do that is to ask God what the truth really is. He will show you the way. Be patient and be teachable and most of all be willing to learn from Him. The really simple thing to do is: Let God be God. Don’t try to tell God what He should do, don’t try to be more merciful than God. He knows what he is doing, just trust him and believe in His Christ.

Also do not think more of your sin, than of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. He has paid the price, you cannot do anything else to make yourself more worthy to receive his gift other than to absolutely believe that Jesus has paid for everything. It is like someone gives you a very nice jacket that he bought from the supermarket. You say : Thank You” . Then go to the supermarket and try to pay for it again. That is what we are trying to do all the time. It is really stupid, but we are always trying to make ourselves more acceptable to God.

Having said that: “What does a call to arms really means for a true believer in Jesus Christ?” I don’t doubt it that at some point a call to arms will involve, using physical weapons like guns and swords if you will, but I also believe that when you are a true believer, you will start to think really seriously about what you have to do next, especially in this day and age where everything seems to be falling apart. Many people believe that we should start prepping  with food and whatever else.  I am not so sure about that at all. Although I do believe that a certain amount of preperation is not a bad thing at all. The reason why I am not sure that going all out to prepare can be found in the bible. The first part id obviously the journey Israel through the wilderness. God provided them with food. Later on God send the crows to feed Elijah.  I believe that God is going to repeat this again. But then, you don’t have to believe the same way as I do.

I also believe that Jesus has given us the power to stand against evil, but first we have to go to the source and the source of all evil is in the unseen or invisible. That is where we get our thoughts from, that is from where we are manupilated by demons and devils. That is also where we have to go to, to make our stand against these principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age.

You need to start thinking differently. What we see around us is a direct result from what is going on in the unseen realm. Therefore, if we want to change our reality, we need to go to the unseen. At this point I also believe that while prayer is a very important part of a true believers life, we should not confuse prayer, with making a direct stand. So what am I trying to say here? Prayer is our way given to us by God of getting strength. You strengthen yourself in the word of God, in his promises and in the Holy Spirit. But what are you going to do with that strength? Applying the strength given to you by commanding the forces of evil, just like Jesus did.

Remember the bible teaches us in ephesians that we are in Christ in the heavens.  So you have authority and you have to use it. This is the start of the call to arms for every true Christian. So there is basically 2 things that need to happen. First, you have to pray to receive strength from God, then you stand up like a warrior, fully armed with the strength of the Holy Ghost and start ruling over a situation. This battle is fought in the unseen with 4 weapons that is extremely strong. That weapons is the:

  1. Name of Jesus, which is above all names
  2. The blood of Christ, which is an unbreakable wall
  3. Our Testimony
  4. Praise

The day you become a true believer in Jesus Christ, is also the day that these weapons will become very important in your life. Make no mistake, we are in one very tough battle. You have to know your weapons and also how to use them.  You are mistaken sadly if you think for one moment that you don’t have to fight and that you are not in a serious battle. Even if you are not saved, you are still part of the war between good and evil. To many people believe that being saved is enough. That is not true. You are saved to serve the purpose of God. You are not saved to sit on cloud 9 and play a harp, that is pure nonsense.

You are saved to activley stand against evil, right here, right now! That is when the first trumpet blows for you. It is to get you ready for the spiritual battle. When the second trumpet blows, you will have to ready for the physical battle.  You are saved to serve. Be ready to do just that.

Coming back to our title: Call to arms. At this moment many people are sounding the alarm to call us to arms.

There is a very long list of things that are happening in the world at this moment. It includes things happening in religion, politics and economics. The 3 main things that the world revolves around at the moment. Everyone is talking about an economic collapse. Markets are volitile to say the least.

Politically no one has any answers, it seems that everyone is just now trying to make as big a mess as possible. The migration issue of Islamic nations, to Europe and the west is going to destabilize the west even more.

However there is something much more dangerous and it is called CERN. Trying to open portals to alternate universes, may not be the smartest thing we have ever done.  There is a lot of information available on the internet, some are much better than others, but the point is, we are playing with extremely dangerous stuff, and the scientists are getting much more that they anticipated. Strange appearances of things in and around CERN.

In the midst of all of this sit a handful of true believers and they are called to arms, not with swords and guns, not yet anyway, but to take up their spiritual weaponry, to put on their armor, and to go and stand against all these things in the spirit. Are you one of these warriors. We are so concerned about everything the world is doing that we do not see what God is doing at all.  We are so blinded by what is the latest thing on the list of the anti-christ and his minions, that we do not understand  what role we have to play in the the final moments of this battle.

In fact most christians  are so dumb up about the word of God that they think that there would be a great rapture and all the good christians will be swoop  away to cloud 9 or to heaven. This is wishful thinking and pure nonsense. What makes you so special that you will be raptured away while so many great believers has paid dearly for their faith throughout the last 2000 odd years? Why don’t you go read “Fox’s -  Book of Martyrs”, and then decide again how much more deserving you are of being raptured away, of not be martyred than those poor people mentioned in that book.  Also, why are you more deserving of  grace, by missing this great tribulation, that maybe the millions upon millions of babies that has been killed by their own mothers, pouring more blood on the altars of Moloch.

Lastly, why don’t you find out where this rapture theory comes from. You may be suprised to find out that it is a Jesuit priest that first came up with that nonsense to try and protect the pope during the Renaissanse.  So it is also a Roman Catholic  thing that the stupid Protestants got hold of in the 1700’s and make this unholy theory really popular. The effect of this nonsense is far reaching, because most “christians” believe that they can just sit and wait to be swoop away, they don’t have to do anything, they don’t have to make a stand. They are gutless, spineless cowards who are not willing to stand for Christ, and then they hope and believe that Christ will rapture them away before the great tribulation. What stupidity.

Anyway, I believe that the great tribulation has been with us now since Jesus has left the scene 2000 years ago. It was pretty intense in the days of the Roman Empire. Millions were killed – what would we call that, a little tribulations? The Roman Catholic church has martyred even more, some estimate up to 50 million. What would we call that? I believe it will intensify again, but make no mistake, the tribulation has been with us for a very long time. You don’t have to agree witrh me, but please tell me why you and I are so special that we would not have to go through that also, like so many of the other children of God.

So the call to arms again. This is a word that I have received in 2014:


Thus saith the Lord God:

Turn thy face towards the north

Measure 7 steps and plant my banner.

Turn your face now towards the east

Let Judah move first to stand in his place

Stir up Zebulon and Issachar. Let them stand next to Judah

Pull thy sword and be ready for a great flood is coming

Look up and fix your eyes upon the Lion of Judah that stand upfront

And hear Me , saith the Lord, these are the days that exceedingly great things will come to pass.

Let those who have insight and who have received knowledge of times stand up and speak to call My people, Israel together on the mountain of the Lord.

You can decide for yourself what you think of this.

I also believe that the following word is of relevance here: I’ve received this word 2 years ago and I call it : The Paran Prophecy ( but it was more something like a vision that I had):

Behold for the Lord moves out of Paran and His feet are as flames of fire and wherever He treads the earth is scorched and He stretches out His left arm to the East and mountains shake and the sea is removed from its boundaries and drags the people [Sons of Adam] with it, and He stretches out His right arm to the West and dark clouds gather out of the North and the day darkens and in the dusk thunder and lightning, a large violent terror and He directs His countenance towards the South and the people [Sons of Adam] seek shelter in caves and crevices, as the rock badger they hide in the crevices and hearts shake with anxiety and fear for the tempest is His breath, destruction with every breath.

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