Just keep the faith. Too many people get fearful. Remember fear is the enemy of faith. Believe in God and let the world do what they want.
For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.
The spirit of love, first towards God and all the wonderful things He gives us everyday, especially life. Also towards our neighbors, our own. Love has cooled down significantly the past decade or so. People just don't care about each other anymore. It is everyone for himself. This runs so much deeper than what I can explain to you, but you can have a look at 2 things that will give you an idea just how big the crisis has become: 1) MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way); and 2) #MeToo. (3rd wave feminism). It is literally tearing the western civilization apart. The effect of this nonsense is really bad. When western men don't want western women anymore because of their bad attitudes and things they do, like "trading up" while in a relationship - what is next? Simply put, western society is in deep trouble.
He gave you power to resist the enemy in every way you can. It is true that sometimes we are just weaker than other times. but we don't need to be weak or strong before God, we only really need to believe in Him, and that He knows what He is doing, even if we don't know what He is doing - which at this stage seems to be most of the time. But the Spirit of power is given unto us. This does not come from ourselves, it is a gift of God for the believer in Him. That power to overcome the enemy and all his vices. This is achieved through prayer and also through simple commands in the name of Jesus in everyday life.
A sound mind in this time is a great asset. This can only come through faith, because we rest in faith and this will make you a pillar of strength for all the people around you. A sound mind is firmly based on knowledge and understanding of what is happening according to God's word, not someone else's visions or prophecies. We don't know it all, but we can put our faith in the things that God has already revealed to us. To many people run around an put their faith into what   "Siener van Rensburg" has predicted, or someone else. I personally believe that a prophet will raise in this latter days that will lead the people towards the coming of the Lord. These people to my mind has yet to be tried and tested by the word of God. Their time is also at hand and then we will know.
The warhost of God ( Jesus the Christ) has many armies, and these armies will unite pretty soon- that is the heavenly as well as the earthly armies. Our Great General has been making his plans for a very long time. We just need to get to the point where we can also say: I belong to the Lord, no matter what!
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