• I believe that our battle is the same in the spirit as it is in the physical world. There are 2 opposing forces or armies. The army of God and the army of Satan. You belong to one of these armies, there is no neutral ground. While physical armies use weapons like guns, the army of God uses entirely different weapons, like: the Word of God, the Name of Jesus, The Blood of Jesus, praise and worship and the word of your testimony.
  • What we see happening in the physical world is the manifestation of our action, or lack thereof in the spiritual world. In other words, if a town is overrun by bad people, this means that the forces of good have lost ground against the forces of evil in the spiritual world. If a land is overrun by the immorality, homosexuality, bestiality and all that kind of really bad stuff, it basically means that there are not enough spiritual warriors left to stand against this evil.
  • I believe that one needs to set up a stronghold in the spiritual realm ( this is basically your physical home in the spiritual realm) as a defence position from where one can operates. Regaining land or territory means that we are also starting to regain a foothold for the forces of God in the land. Complaining about evil in the land, will not make it go away. Standing against it, will first of all start to keep it in check, and second of all start driving it out of the land. A spiritual stronghold is the protecting tower for a tired warrior that needs rest. Simply put, we all get tired.
  • One needs to clean that defence position (from bad spirits) before one tries to attack the enemy. This includes protecting everyone in the defence position, by putting them under the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • To some extent this means that one needs to be a builder of walls – rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, which in this case is one’s defensive position. This defensive position can be your own home, but it needs to be cleansed first. No open doors or gateways. Make sure your house is clean from all statues and all things that do not belong in the house of a child of God. This is where the Old Testament laws get really important. (even crosses. Get rid of crosses. Our Lord is not on that cross anymore. He lives)
  • One needs to understand that if you are going to be active in this battle, everyone around you is fair game for the enemy – they all need protection and they will need it constantly.
  • Next, choose your battles! To a great extent, your battles will be chosen for you by God through the Holy Spirit. You will know immediately, which things you should take on first.
  • You build this defensive position in the spiritual world, with the help of Jesus Christ. It may seem strange that one needs a defensive position, but due to our own inabilities to fully function in the spirit all the time, we basically need a safe haven to operate from. This is the same for any army also in the physical world. Simply put - the Army HQ. We are not perfect yet, but we are in the process of becoming perfect through Jesus Christ.
  • Make sure that you declare your defence position as holy ground and that you erect the banner of God in that place. These defensive positions are the beacons of light in a very dark world
  • Lastly, know that this is a continuous battle; you need to be under the protection of the Holy One always.
  • While we have the 5 primary weapons available to us, we need to understand that these weapons functions at its best when we have faith, we have a goal (the hope of Israel) and we have love. The bible tells us that we should love God with everything we have and our neighbours like ourselves. We are not doing this because we have to, because it is a great discipline or something like that. We are doing this out of love. The love of God in us will prompt us to pray for one another. Discipline, obedience, willingness is not equal to love; it is just a part of it, a very important part of it, but love is much more than that. If you actively enter into this battle, you will do it for only 2 reasons, the love of God and for the love and protection of your brethren. The gifts of the Holy Spirit means nothing if it is not done out of love.

How to Start:

You have to be sure of your position in Christ. It is not about you or me, but it is about Christ and the glory of God. Therefore; understand that you are operating in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and that you have no righteousness of your own. Basically, it means – Get over yourself! You are not the important one here, God is. You are a servant of God, nothing more and certainly nothing less. This means that you are absolutely nothing in Christ other than a servant, and nothing less than a king through Christ in this world.

Next, ensure through prayer that the devil have nothing to accuse you off in front of God. This is the only way that he can get into the presence of God. It is when you do something wrong and you give him the opportunity to accuse you. It is not possible for anyone to be stainless before God, we keep on sinning every day. And to be clear on this: Sin is the transgression of the LAW of God, which is found in the Old Testament, and confirmed in the New Testament. (Rom 1:17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.) We pray for these sins every day and ask God for forgiveness and ask Jesus to wash us in His blood and clean us from all sin. This is grace! This is not what I am talking about.

The sin of recurring transgression – this is the problem, like smoking, cursing, pornography, drinking, etc. the recurring things that you keep on doing. Since you are washed in Jesus blood, and baptised in the Holy Spirit, you cannot view yourself as a “sorry sinner” anymore, it will strip you of your position in Christ. You have to step up. No excuses! You have a position of authority in Jesus Christ and you have to accept the authority of that position, else it means nothing. If you want to take on this battle, get rid of these recurring sins, very quickly, else you will be a hypocrite before God and even worse, you will bring dishonour to his Name and the demons will laugh at you; in your face. No demon will even accept your authority in Christ if you do things like this. Know this – You are a child of God, you are not the same as anyone else, you are more than an overcomer in Christ and you are now the walking and living word of God, because the world is reading you, trying to discredit you and destroy you through your own actions.

Start by praying for your defence position as soon as you have cleansed it from all possible bad things. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you have missed. You do not want any open doors or gateways in your stronghold.

(Yes you are in Christ and you are supposed to be invincible, but remember that Jesus is making us kings, we are learning to reign with Him, that means that we will have successes as well as failures. There is no honour in failing. There is no fun in getting kicked in the groin, and it will happen. Sometimes you will feel like crawling into a hole and hide yourself from the world. At these times you will start realising why we need our strongholds. It is not because God gave us only half of His Spirit, or that we only receive half of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is because we are in the process of becoming perfect (and we are not perfect yet) in God and that is why love is so important)

You will have to secure your defence position every day; you will have to anoint your doorways regularly. Do not under estimate this battle; it will be the death of your soul, if you do! This is the reason why there are so many spiritual skeletons everywhere. Under estimating your enemy is the worst possible thing you can do.

Let’s look at this from a practical point of view – How do we do this?

I believe that you wake up in the morning and pray to God for power, wisdom and guidance throughout your day. Basically you strengthen yourself in the Lord. If your relationship with God is on solid ground, you will know that you have just received the authority to reign over your circumstances. While I do believe that we keep on praying to God in the spirit throughout the day; you will not have to go back every 5 minutes to pray. Remember what Jesus did and how He did it. Remember also that Jesus was a man, functioning through the Holy Spirit; so that He could show us what we should be doing. Most of all, remember, why Jesus had made that great sacrifice. He came to regain what Adam has lost – to rule over the earth. He came to taught us how to reign within Him. (Adam did not lose his priestly position; he lost his kingship, his ruling over the earth.)

There is one more thing that you need to understand –

  1. we pray to God on our knees bowing down before our creator God in respect and reverence; and
  2. we reign through Christ, standing on our feet with our eyes open. That is one of the reasons why the prophet Elijah said: 1Ki 17:1 And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.

Furthermore, a soldier does not fight on his knees, he fight on his feet, with open eyes and a very clear determination to survive and overcome. So standing up, this is how I am doing this (it is all I know at the moment and I believe that God is revealing to me step by step what to do).

This is in Afrikaans:

Kyk ek strek my hande uit oor hierdie huis, ek hef die staf van my geloof op oor hierdie woning en ek beveel elke bose gees insluitende die geeste van ongehoorsaamheid, onwelvoeglikheid, wellus, leuens en hardkoppigheid gierigheid, boosheid, toorn en woede in die naam van Jesus om hierdie plek onmiddelik te verlaat en ek vul die plek met die liefde van God, geduld , verdraagsaamheid, gehoorsaamheid, vrede van God en blydskap in God.

Ek hys die banier van my God oor hierdie grondgebied en verklaar dit heilige grond in die Naam van Jesus die Christus.

Ek plaas hierdie huis en elke mens sowel as dier wat hier is onder die bloed en beskerming van Jesus en ek verklaar die plek die grondgebied en eiendom van my God en hemelse Vader.

Ek plaas jou Michelle onder die beskerming van die engele van God, en ek roep oor jou die naam van my God uit en waar jy ookal is, laat dit aan jou bekend word deur die Heilige Gees, dat jy onder beskerming is van my God en hemelse Vader. Ek roep jou; Michelle, tot gehoorsaamheid aan Jesus Christus en ek bind jou aan Jesus die Christus vir ewig.

Ek hef my hand oor jou Pieter en ek spreek oor jou die geestelike kennis en insig wat jy nodig sal kry om in hierdie tyd standvastig te wees. Dat jou verstand verlig mag wees en dat die vuur van jou geloof hoog en helder sal brand tot eer van onse God en hemelse Vader.

Ek spreek oor jou Zelda die beskerming van God die Allerhoogste toe. Ek roep oor jou uit die toenemende invulling van die Heilige Gees, sodat jou gawe van die onderskeiding van geeste kan vermeerder en toeneem, sodat die kragvolle werking van die Heilige Gees in jou, jou vyande sal verstom en bose geeste op die vlug sal slaan, want in jou sien hulle die lig en die teenwoordigheid van die ewige God--- Amen.

Ek strek my hande uit oor hierdie woning en verklaar dit heilige grond en seën dit in die naam van ons opgestane Here Jesus, laat die lig van die Woord van onse God in hierdie plek skyn en laat die vrede en teenwoordigheid van my God vermeerder in hierdie huis.

Ek het hierdie woorde gespreek in die onsienlike, nou beveel ek dat elke woord hiervan sal manifesteer in die sienlike, tot eer van my God en tot uitbreiding van Sy koninkryk.

This is how I believe the stronghold should be set up. You setup this stronghold with Jesus and He should be part of it. That means that your spiritual stronghold id basically your house. I’ve done this action for 1 week and then I added my business to this. It is my believe that if we do this, we do not have to search for the kingdom of God and his righteousness anymore, because we have made it real in our lives and we have brought his kingdom straight into our midst by bringing it into our homes.

So this is what I am doing with my business at the moment as I am convinced after much thought and soul searching that the mountain set against my business does not came from God, but rather that He allows it to teach me how to deal with this stuff. I am not perfect by any means. I am making a lot of mistakes, sometimes it gets messy, but I know that God is showing me the way so that we can stop complaining about the bad stuff happening around us, and change it through faith and the spoken word of God.

We know also that a mountain in prophetic terms is a kingdom and in this case it is the kingdom of satan and what did Jesus said unto his disciples?

Aan die berg wat teen my besigheid opgestel is sê ek: Aan my God behoort die aarde en die volheid daarvan, aan my God behoort die beeste op ‘n duisend heuwels en aan jou O berg sê ek, jy is oorwin deur die mens Jesus Christus, Hy het jou mag gebreek en jou uitgeklee in die openbaar vir almal om jou te sien. Jy het geen mag oor hierdie besigheid nie, jy het geen mag in ons lewens nie. Ek beveel jou O berg, om jouself op te hef en ek werp jou in die put van vuur. Ek breek jou mag oor my besigheid in die naam van Jesus Christus. Ek plaas hierdie besigheid onder beskerming van God die Allerhoogste en ek plaas alles van hierdie besigheid onder die bloed van die Lam. Wyk berg van hierdie grond gebied af, ek proklameer hierdie grond gebied as heilige grond vir my Here en my God en ek plant Sy banier hierop in. ek vaardig hierdie bevel in die onsienlike uit en beveel dat dit sal manifesteer in die sienlike en dat dit as ‘n getuienis sal staan in die sienlike sowel as die onsienlike tot eer en verheerlikking van my God en hemelse Vader, en tot uitbreiding van Sy koninkryk.

I am writing all of this down so that I have a record of what I am doing, but also for my own teaching until such time that I can speak words of power in confidence, without wondering if I may have missed something, or did something wrong. When I started my journey with God 6 years ago, I had to write all my prayers down, because I did not know how to pray. It took me some time to learn how to pray without writing things down. So when I went to a prayer meeting, I always had a written prayer with me and I just read it out load. Things got better after a while and soon I was able to pray in public without feeling like a total failure.

The third case that I am working on at this moment has to do with my mother. She has a great knowledge of the word of God, but according to the doctors, she also has Alzheimer’s disease. I believe that this disease is caused by demons. Again, one cannot just jump into a fight, strategy is very important. Last Sunday morning I woke up with an extreme urge to start praying for my mother and I knew immediately that this would be the next problem that needs to be handled.

My mother is staying with my 2 sisters in Welkom in the Free State. My sisters know what my position is, but they are not too keen on getting too close to me. I am a little bit weird, or so it seems. So for me the obvious first task is to strengthen my sisters, protect their houses and families. I also want to set up their homes as a stronghold. This is going to be tough, as they pretty much “live in the world” at this moment. At the same time I have to work on my mother, and her problem.

And now I can see that you also need help, setting up your position. So I will add something in all of this concerning you also, the list is already expanding. But this work needs to be done.

I really hope that this will give you some insight in what I am talking about and also direction in what you should do.

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