So Sweden is running into all sorts of trouble with their liberal immigration laws. Suddenly the Swedes are waking up to the fact that they may not have a home country for much longer. Apparently Islam has decided that Sweden belongs to them now. So what does our vicious Vikings do? They call on President Trump to help them.

I cannot help but feel that what comes around goes around. The plight of the white Afrikaner boers  goes unheard throughout the world. Nobody really cares about us. We are only a few million, we are expendable, so the world has deciced that the Swedes are expendable also. Welcome to the club. Don't worry you can cry for help all you want, no one is really interested in your cries anyway. We have been there now for more than 20 years. Stripped of our identity, our right to govern ourselves, our right be called a nations. Our right to own land, since we have stole this one through the blood of our ancestors. We are being marginilized by the world. Everyone is telling us that we are evil, just like the Nazi's in Germany.

So I wonder what the sin of the Swedes are. Oh, wait, yes their liberalism. They were so politically correct that they have basically lost their homeland. I really do feel sorry for you, because you have only started a process that we have been in for 2 decades, with your help, and the help of all the other western nations. Welcome to the club, what you sow, you shall reap.

Yes, that is very christian of me and most people will think of me as a bitter person. I am not. In fact I am very happy today, for today the world will western will start to understand what they have been doing to us , to the Swedes and ultimately to themselves. Suddenly their is hope.




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2018-11-19 23:00